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  • Category Players
  • Program license Free
  • Version 3.11
  • Size 1.9 MB
  • Works under: Android 9.0
  • Also available for Android 
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Mobile Video Systems

FLV Player is a compact media player that focuses exclusively on the Flash Video format.

FLV stands for Flash Video, and it’s a format created by Adobe to serve as a container for videos delivered over the Internet. FLV can also be embedded in other types of content, and usage of FLV has extended beyond the original intent because the format is simple, easy to use as a container for a wide range of video types and other content and results in relatively small file sizes.

There are many media players for windows that handle FLV files. FLV Player differs in that FLV files are all that it handles. This approach has both disadvantages and advantages. On one hand, many users come in contact with a wide range of video file types and won’t want a unique program for each one. On the other hand, for the user who handles FLVs a lot, FLV Player is a very fast, reliable and sleek option for playing those videos, organizing them into playlists and manipulating them in other ways.

The program is very compact. It doesn’t take up much space on disk or in memory, and it doesn’t hog resources even when playing a movie. The program is very easy to learn and use, and a big part of that is the user interface, which is organized in an intuitive manner. Playlist support is very good. Consider that FLVs are often small, and you may have many FLV files that combine into a single project. FLV Player can handle large playlists with ease and provides a number of convenient tools for manipulating them.

FLV Player can play FLVs that you have stored locally, but it can also access FLVs over the Web through links and some other means. When it comes to local files, FLV player performs well and is very consistent, which makes it a great option for the person who creates FLV files, downloads many FLV files or converts videos into the FLV format. Performance of FLV can be a little less reliable when dealing with FLVs online. The program simply doesn’t play nice with FLVs that were constructed with certain aspects or saved in a particular way, so keep in mind that your online experience can vary greatly.


  • Compact program
  • User-friendly with a well-organized UI
  • Playlist support


  • Has trouble with some FLVs online
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